Friday, February 6, 2015

Free Froyo Friday!

You may have noticed that there is unlimited demand for nail salons and frozen yogurt places where you put the toppings on yourself (as in, you do it yourself, not that you put the toppings on your head or something) and then get hit with a bill for $8 when they weigh it at the end. It's not like you can put stuff back at that point and now you realize you probably served yourself way too much when you just wanted a snack to tide you over till dinner and now you're either going to stuff yourself till you feel sick or end up throwing $3-4 in the trash. Good times!

Well, dear readers, it's time for some payback.

When we write about stuff over here at EIM, people listen, err, read. To wit -

Hi Colin,

I read your piece on National Hot Sauce Day and thought you might be interested in this awesome deal next week happening on National Frozen Yogurt Day.

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt (, the fastest growing frozen yogurt brand, is celebrating National Frozen Yogurt Day (Friday, February 6) with FREE FROZEN YOGURT!

From 4 to 8 p.m., frozen yogurt fans can visit ANY Miami Menchie's location to claim their free 6 oz. cup* of frozen yogurt with any flavor, any toppings (*one per guest). On top of that, everyone will also get a voucher for 20% off their next visit at any Menchie's. 

Here are a few Miami Locations:

Kendall Market Square
11740 SW 104th Street
Miami, FL 33186
Miller Crossing
15798 SW 56th Street
Miami, FL 33185

University Center North
1309 B SW 107th Avenue
Miami, FL 33174

Sunset Drive
5744 Sunset Drive
South Miami, FL 33146

Would you be interested in sharing this tasty deal with your readers?


It appears from my brief googling of the subject of "free froyo," all those other yogurt places are running similar promotions. You know the places: Yogurtland, Yogurpassion, Yogo, YOURgurt, Yogurmerica, No Gurt No Glory, Gurts "R" Us, etc. I just made all of those up.

If I were homeless, I would definitely be checking out free froyo day. I hope y'all have smartphones and subscribe to this incredibly informative blog.

You're welcome!