Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eat It - Blue Collar, 6730 Biscayne Blvd Miami, FL (305) 756-0366

by Chef BoyarAndy

It is 5:45pm on a rainy Sunday evening in June in the middle of the Biscayne corridor.  

It is too early for most Miami diners...the rain tends to keep people at home...most people dine out on Friday or Saturday night...late June is definitely low season for tourists and seasonal residents...the location isn't a hot spot for dining options.

So why in the world, when we pulled into the parking lot for our double date, and when they open at 6:00pm, 15 minutes early (my better half and I are the only two people in Miami who are early for anything...we thought) were there 15 people already waiting for the place to open? That number becomes even more impressive when you consider there are only about 25 seats inside, if memory serves.

Everyone tells me Blue Collar is good, but is it THAT good?

The answer is a loud and confident YES.

That answer was never really in question...I only needed to find out how good for myself. Our dining partners, and their beautiful little sweetie that joined us, are regulars there. He owns a food truck and just opened his own cafe in Davie (reviews coming!) so obviously they know good food when they taste it.

The menu covers all bases: creative appetizers, an impressive list of the day's fresh vegetables, relatively simple sandwiches, pasta and meaty entrees.  

The amazing part is how literally everything on the menu is really well done.  We ordered a total of 11 items among the 4 and a half of us: Mac and Cheese, Shrimp & Grits, Duck McMuffin, Vaca Frita Tostones, Cuban Spring Rolls, The Big Ragout, Jambalaya, Hanger Steak, Mahi, Bread Pudding and Key Lime Pie.

Clearly you are thinking two things: guys really know how to order. guys eat way too much. You're correct on both counts.

Looking back on some of my favorite meals at my favorite restaurants it is not uncommon to remember there being a dish or two that I didn't care for. I'm still kind of in shock at how Blue Collar managed to go 11 for 11. I'd actually argue that they went 13 for 11 as The Big Ragout and Vaca Frita Tostones were so good they should count twice. I'm excited to go back and try a few more items from the menu...I'm talking to you "Corben."

Considering that we arrived to find over half of their capacity waiting for them to open, friends that are in the business are repeat patrons and they literally do everything well. I'd say Daniel Serfer (@bluecollarmiami), the chef/owner, has a real hit on his hands.

Editor's Note: Since Chef BoyarAndy has once again beaten me to the punch and sent in his review of a restaurant I was slacking on reviewing, I'd like to point out the following:

The waitstaff wears tuxedo t-shirts!

My wife and I went there for brunch. She had the special Trio of French Toast, that, given, was enormous, but at $25 was a rip-off. And the waiter should have known better than to recommend it for a woman who weighs 108 lbs.

My special Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict was $16. A fair price for a truly decadent dish. It's a stretch to call it Eggs Benedict since it's not Eggs Benedict. Has nothing to do with Eggs Benedict other than that it has a base of bread (cornbread in this case) a meat (pulled pork) and poached eggs with Hollaindaise Sauce on it. That's like saying Domino's Oreo Cookie Pizza is pizza. It's shaped like it and has some relevance but it's not even the same food category. Though the word "pizza" just means pie in Italian so what I'm saying makes no sense at all as an argument. Withdrawn.

You can put a fried egg (or poached if you are so inclined, here's a simple method courtesy of Alton Brown) on virtually any savory food and it makes it better. Adds creamy, zesty sauce to anything. Pork, beans and rice, tacos, etc.

One last thing: I was both impressed and offended when I asked if we "can just sit outside," to which the host/manager/Serfer? replied "you may." I'M the guy who says "may I." I was just dumbing it down for the people! I suppose I should have known that English would be well-spoken in the land of the hipster, up there on Biscayne Blvd...

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