Monday, May 20, 2013

Don't Eat It - Sir Pizza, 4231 S Le Jeune Rd, Coral Gables, FL (305) 448-4040

by Chef BoyarAndy

Pizza is a commodity. From where I'm sitting typing this on my couch I can name 6 pizza places that deliver to my house and another 4 that are dine in/carry out only...I bet there are another 3 or 4 that I don't even know about.

As somebody that sells a commodity for a living I can tell you that you have exactly 3 ways to differentiate yourself from the competition: price, service and quality. Sir Pizza failed at all 3 for me this weekend.

I was exposed to Sir Pizza by a colleague when they opened their location in Kendall. Think of something somewhere between Papa Johns and Harry's's not gourmet but it certainly isn't Little Caesars either.

After tax, delivery charge and tip I dropped $27 on a large "Royal Feast" pizza. Failure on price compared to just about anywhere else. (I probably shouldn't complain about the price since I chose to pay it but it does seem high to me)

"Thank you for ordering online from Sir Pizza - Coral Gables. It’s our pleasure to serve you. Your order has been received, and will be ready in approximately 40 minutes. Please contact your neighborhood Sir Pizza - Coral Gables at (305) 448-4040 for further assistance."

That is the email I received after placing my order at 7:06pm Sunday night.

8:00pm rolls around and we're still waiting (relatively) patiently for our pizza. When I called for further assistance a nice, younger sounding lady answered the phone and apologized for the delay telling me the driver only had 1 other delivery and that her "system" showed the pizza as being 4 minutes away so that if it didn't arrive shortly to call back. I chose not to complicate the conversation by asking what kind of GPS tracking device they used to offer such a specific answer and hung up satisfied that we'd be eating soon.

When I called back at 8:15pm I was told this: "Look dude, I don't know what to tell you. I'm trying to help other people. It left here like 20 minutes ago so if it isn't there in another 20 call back."

Somewhat shocked at the bluntness of his reply I asked his name...he wouldn't give it and hung up.

Failure on service.

At 8:30pm when the pizza finally arrived we discovered it was barely warm and they had ignored our request to substitute tomatoes for mushrooms.  Failure on quality.

The company has clearly experienced some degree of success as of late...a 10 year agreement for Marlins Park, 10 new locations in the past year or so and a high exposure sponsorship with the Hurricanes.

As is generally the case...success comes at a price.  Sadly that price is the experience they are providing to the individual customer.

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Anonymous said...

That's what you get for not going to Pizza Rustica.

Colin said...

Pizza Rustica is awful if you're sober, fyi. Best NY style pizza in town is probably Pucci's.

richie said...

Pizza Rustica is excellent if you order a fresh made (circular) pie for delivery. They use great ingredients. The day old pizza in the store windows is better after drinking a few cold adult beverages.

richie said...

Groovy's has one of the best cheese slices in town- great sauce.

Chef BoyarAndy said...

I just wish I could go to Harry's everyday.

Colin said...

We never wrote up Harry's! I think that place got raided by masked hoodlums one night and all the patrons were robbed, but the corporatist slaves in local media neglected to widely report it. I'm glad that didn't happen the night we dined there, but considering I just got married in Mexico, I clearly ain't scurred. That place is great. I also like Andiamo, though I find the quality of the pizza has slipped over the last few years. richie, I will have to check out Groovy's. Never even heard of it. Sounds like a place that a lefty, hipster beatnik such as yourself might hang out. They probably have an ironic bingo night. Or Battleship!

LauraAnderson85 said...

I waited so patiently (don't fact check this part of the story) for the pizza to arrive, only to find mushrooms instead of tomatoes - heartbreak. The only way I eat mushrooms is stuff with delicious fillings like cheese, peppers and sausage. But sliced on a pizza, no thank you...I will pull the 5 yr old card and pick them off.

Ugh, I love Harry's...

Simon Williams said...

Chef BoyarAndy droppin' knowledge in those first two paragraphs! I love it. Pucci's is awesome, but my go-to in Brickell was always Pieducks. We've found a great spot called Russo's out here...sadly Eat It, Pembroke Pines sounds soooo lame

Chef BoyarAndy said...

I've had Groovy's a few times in a slightly less than sober state. May need to give it a real shot.

Colin said...

Pieducks is delish but I need an IV afterward to recover from the salt content. May I point out that Sir Pizza is a totally wack business name? At least Pucci's, Rustica, Groovy's and Pieducks have a little pizazz! And you can't spell "pizza" without that!

Colin said...

Colin said...

This is the best comments section ever. Probably because everyone loves pizza. It's bound to provoke discussion.

Greg said...


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Colin said...

Ohhhh, I get it! Thanks, Greg. Will correct this and the couple of others I added it to.