Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Well, you know you're becoming a world class city (or approaching another real estate top) when "starchitects" like Zaha Hadid are designing buildings in your hood. The best part is that the people who get to the top of that profession, much like many other artistic fields, get to keep all of the money while the underlings do all of the work and get paid peanuts while wallowing in obscurity. Kind of like celebrity chefs who spend most of their time talking about food, and not actually making it. It's really like this episode of the Simpsons.

If you don't believe them or me, and the Simpsons would never lie, please check out this sketch she did for a museum she designed.

Here are some renderings
of her new downtown Miami "One Thousand Museum Tower," courtesy of Curbed, a hideous building that, at best, belongs somewhere in a tacky Middle Eastern city like Dubai, and, at worst, should be built only in CGI for the next Star Trek movie as a hospital for Vulcans. I don't think it does a thing for our skyline alongside beauties like Chad Oppenheim's 10 Museum Park. Now that is a sight, and it has sexy showers right in the middle of the units.

I could swear I was going somewhere with this. Doesn't have much to do with food, but it's about Miami.

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