Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chewing Gum Tax

I tried for a while to come up with a clever title, like "Chewing the Fat" or "Chew on This" or something chewing related. I got nothing. I give up. So I'm just calling this "Chewing Gum Tax." Intrigued?

Mexico City is considering a tax on chewing gum, or "chicle," as they call it, to help defray the hefty costs associated with its cleanup. You ever notice all of the small circular black spots on the pavement as you walk down a sidewalk? Gum.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Well, you know you're becoming a world class city (or approaching another real estate top) when "starchitects" like Zaha Hadid are designing buildings in your hood. The best part is that the people who get to the top of that profession, much like many other artistic fields, get to keep all of the money while the underlings do all of the work and get paid peanuts while wallowing in obscurity. Kind of like celebrity chefs who spend most of their time talking about food, and not actually making it. It's really like this episode of the Simpsons.

If you don't believe them or me, and the Simpsons would never lie, please check out this sketch she did for a museum she designed.

Here are some renderings
of her new downtown Miami "One Thousand Museum Tower," courtesy of Curbed, a hideous building that, at best, belongs somewhere in a tacky Middle Eastern city like Dubai, and, at worst, should be built only in CGI for the next Star Trek movie as a hospital for Vulcans. I don't think it does a thing for our skyline alongside beauties like Chad Oppenheim's 10 Museum Park. Now that is a sight, and it has sexy showers right in the middle of the units.

I could swear I was going somewhere with this. Doesn't have much to do with food, but it's about Miami.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Ultra Weekend #1!

I'm pretty excited to have to deal with the suffocating traffic this event causes in my neighborhood. Times 2 weekends! Hooray!

Prince Buys Tortillas

Not much explanation is necessary beyond that title. Thanks to my pal, Tim Shea, for opening my eyes to this - 


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Softball Hero

One of my softball teammates invited Chad Johnson to come and play on our team over Twitter, and lo and behold, he showed. You gotta love the love he shows his fans. This one is last night's MVP, Jaime, who won the game with a walk-off triple.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Eat It - Dos Caminos, 1140 Seabreeze Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) 727-7090


I hope it's still there. Have you heard about Ocean Blvd's being washed away by the storm surge from Hurricane Sandy? That sh#t cray. Our entire South Florida economy is pretty much based on beachfront property, so before you get all whiny about having to subsidize other people's property and flood insurance, keep in mind that no one would live here and have cool stuff to experience like concerts, nice restaurants, and LeBron James, if not for the coastal property that's so precariously located within the inevitably likely path of a hurricane or storm surge. If it can happen to New York City, it can damn sure happen here, and it has and it will in the future. In the meantime, try not to let that thought stress you out.

Speaking of New York City, Dos Caminos is a chain of Mexican restaurants that began there and lands somewhere in between your usual local Tex-Mex place and the high-end upscale Mexican places like Rosa Mexicano and Maya (NYC). Dos Caminos is an extremely high quality product for the money, and it's worth the drive up to Broward (or will it be Ft. Lauderdale..?) County.

I attended a media event at the Ft. Lauderdale location back in September, and shame on me, it's taken this long to get my post polished and posted. It's a delicate art, and sometimes art just can't be rushed. It's really because I try to do too much with the 24 hours I'm given each day, so I have lists of perpetually pending items that I manage to cross off eventually, but often quite tardily. Boo hoo.

Dos Caminos is located inside the Sheraton Hotel. Pretty standard restaurant location, in a beautiful area called Harbour Isles of Ft. Lauderdale. The decor is homey. It's got just the right amount of lighting that you can see the food you're eating, but it's dark enough that your date will look his or her best. Take a look and you'll see the Mexican inspired interior, with dark pinks and skulls on the walls.

Executive chef, Ivy Stark, was in town for the introduction of Dos Caminos' new menu and was kind enough to present us food writers in attendance with a copy of her new book, which you should really check out. It's called Dos Caminos Mexican Street Food and I've used it several times. It was also a great resource for choosing the dinner menu at my upcoming wedding in Mexico. It's like authentic Mexican street food, but without the Montezuma's Revenge! In case you don't know what Montezuma's Revenge is, it's what happens when you eat food in Mexico because your ancestors were Europeans and are therefore guilty by association with the colonists who invaded Mexico and killed everyone. Montezuma (II) was the Aztec emperor at the time, and now he haunts the bowels of anyone who eats anything even remotely suspect. If you've never had explosive Mexican diarrhea, well, let me tell you, you just haven't lived to appreciate the pleasure that it is not to have Montezuma's Revenge once it's over (usually lasts about a week).

Now, you're probably not crazy about the fact that I mentioned explosive diarrhea in a restaurant review, and neither are the people who operate Dos Caminos, but that's just what you get when you hop in bed with Eat It, Miami. The irreverence is our signature! It's our hallmark! Our touchstone! Along with impeccable grammar and its accompanying lessons, of course! Isn't it interesting that hallmark and touchstone have synonymous figurative meanings but also quite closely related literal meanings? Fascinating. English is such a rich language.

Back to the diarrhea! You won't get it if you eat at Dos Caminos, I bet! I highly recommend the place. They have great staples like chicken flautas, excellent guacamole, cheery service, and great decor.

If you work nearby, they have a an affordable happy hour menu with $4.50 margaritas and $3 tacos. The happy hour guac only costs 8 bucks (usual 2 person order is 14).


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