Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ciao, Fabio!

We're very excited about starting off the big day at Sobe WFF, next Saturday, with the same event we attended last year, a cooking class run by Chef Fabio Viviani and sponsored by Bertolli. He taught us a simple fresh pasta recipe that I've used several times since and also several tips on properly using the various types of olive oil. Most important tip: don't cook with extra virgin olive oil as your fat. It burns too quickly. Use it as an ingredient or as a dressing, but not in the bottom of a pan that you're using to cook. That stuff will smoke its ass off and you'll have to open all of the windows in your house.

This year: gnocchi. Can't wait.

Dude is very funny and entertaining. He was on Top Chef and even had his own show for a bit. I think they should give him another shot. In the meantime, take a look at his website.

If I were single, I would want to hang out with this guy. The chicks love him.

That's Chef BoyarAndy and I on the Left


Chef BoyarAndy said...

Wish you could see our sweet ties.

SOH said...

Shouldn't it be "That's Chef BoyarAndy and me on the left"? Please explain

Colin said...

SOH, though it sounds a bit pretentious, my use of "I' was correct. "Me" would have to be the object of a verb or a preposition.

Colin said...

Ex: "That's a photo of Chef BoyarAndy and me on the left" would be an alternate, correct way to write a similar caption.