Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eat It – Pride and Joy BBQ, 2800 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL

by Chef BoyarAndy

[Editors Note: Please click on the link and visit the website so you can jam to Stevie Ray Vaughn's magnum opus and the namesake of the restaurant. Woo, I'm bobbing my head to it right now.]

It appears that I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career of eating BBQ. Skills that can make me a nightmare or a savior for restaurants like you.

Consider this:

After my review of Hogzilla’s over-charging my group, they shut down.

After my review of Yardbird their business picked up so much they are opening a new location in NYC. I’m hoping taking credit for their well deserved success will earn me a lifetime supply of fried chicken and bourbon…a man can dream, right?

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Myron Mixon is the man behind Pride and Joy. If you are a fan of random cooking shows late at night you have probably seen him on BBQ Pitmasters that comes on Destination America.

We share similar ideals on good ‘cue…he’s a whole hog man that later worked to include brisket, ribs, chicken etc.  Most North Carolinians like me will tell you that BBQ (always a noun, never a verb) starts and ends with whole hog.  There are few things in life that are better than eating ‘que that just smoked for 14 hours with perfectly crisp pieces of pork skin.

Having only been once so far with our fearless leader Colin, the soon-to-be Mrs. Colin, and our buddy Greg that gave up on big city Miami life to move back to Oklahoma to marry his fiancée that is too pretty and too smart for him I don’t have a feeling for the full menu yet but what we had was quite tasty.

The fried pickles (which I’m told are pickled in-house) were excellent.  The burnt ends (brisket tips that are removed after smoking and simmered in a sauce for another couple of hours) weren’t traditional Kansas City style which would have had them in a thick smoky barbeque sauce but were still quite good in their thinner, stock-like sauce.  The pulled pork was as expected…perfectly cooked, slightly smoky and in ample portion.

There are a few menu items that seem pretty gimmicky to me that my fellow diners tried and weren’t impressed with…the pulled pork eggrolls and baby back mac being the two main offenders.  Overall we were all very pleased with the food though…the beer selection was excellent as well.

I think we were all a little surprised at how big the place is…they have a huge outdoor patio with a covered and uncovered section.  With our perfect weather this time of year I’d encourage you to sit outside…you are eating ‘cue by the way so it is fitting.

If you are inside take note of a couple of pretty cool accoutrements (I like saying that word in a thick French accent):  The truck that was turned into a bar, the giant bulls head that has shotguns for horns, and the wall made of beer cans.  This really is my kind of joint.

Give this place a shot…the servers are friendly, the food was tasty and the prices are fair.  Miami needs more places like Pride and Joy.

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Grant Stern said...

Horrible restaurant. This review says it all. Avoid at all costs - because this place costs a LOT of money and doesn't deliver the food - and lord forbid you have to speak with management, they might just insult you and send you on your way.

Colin said...

Chef BoyarAndy and I had a very pleasant experience. Sorry to hear that you didn't. Sounds like they're having a little trouble running the place. The restaurant biz is a tough one. I don't envy the owners or managers. You'd think they'd be nice to everyone though, considering the damage a few bad reviews on Yelp can do. It's become pretty standard practice for tourists to check Yelp for dining and entertainment options and the easiest choice to make is the one with the highest rating. Pride & Joy had better get it's sh*t together lest more of these negative reviews get posted. Though part of me thinks this might be a coordinated effort on the part of rivals...

Colin said...

Very interesting -