Monday, December 17, 2012

Eat It - Johnny Rockets, Aventura Mall, Aventura, FL

I don't know if the guy is well known or anything, but the grill man at the Johnny Rockets at Aventura Mall is a site to behold. His name is Roland maybe? Something that starts with an "R" and kind of black sounding like that. Reginald? Someone help me out here.

Dude is so fast and good at the burger preparation that you are mesmerized by him. I've always gotten a kick out of when people have such good training, practice, and muscle memory, that their craft is as second nature as walking and breathing, and this guy is in that category.

I did some Christmas shopping on Sunday and grabbed an afternoon snack at the counter: Original with cheddar cheese and a chocolate shake. Anyone who could see him was transfixed by a man who was quite obviously in the zone. It reminds me of a segment in a movie I watched recently on Netflix called "Happy." In it, they interview people from all walks of life, including an Indian peasant who pulls a rickshaw and lives in a shack but it as happy as can be. Probably a lot happier than your average corporate lawyer in Manhattan, I'd wager. They also show a grill man in the U.S. who loves his job. This guy struck me as that kind. He doesn't think his life sucks just because he can't buy the Maserati that's parked in the middle of the mall. He's getting satisfaction from a job well done, and I respect that tremendously. That goes for most of the staff at Johnny Rockets, come to think of it.

If you find yourself at Aventura with a hamburger hankering, pull up a stool at the counter of Johnny Rockets on the third floor and catch the show. Plus, it's a great value. 16 bucks all in for burger, shake and generous tip.

The old blog sure has taken a philosophical turn as of late, but hey, it's good for you to think once in a while. Now you can go back to the random stuff that has nothing to do with anything but distracting you from real life.


Johnny Rockets said...

Thank you for this post, we hope to see you in Miami again soon!

Colin said...

Any idea what the guy's name is?