Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheap Bites Bites the Dust

Though I find the idea of a "celebrity chef" preposterous and annoying as hell, my friends and I were looking forward to watching Eddie Huang's "Cheap Bites."

We were even holding our collective breath that we could show him around town when visiting Miami after producers for the show contacted us. It makes sense, since we pride ourselves on eating at and going out to good, cheap places. They have more character and less obnoxious customers. Like, I'd much rather have a burger at Steak n Shake than at Shake Shack. We were contacted by producers for the show a couple of months ago to give some recommendations, as I'm sure other local food bloggers were.

Just found out today that the show's been cancelled, and that's too bad. He's a funny guy and has great tv presence and charisma. He also reminds me a little of my college roommate who's Korean, from Long Island, and has a law degree. Not the same, but kind of similar. Huang is Taiwanese and from DC originally but he talks like he's from NYC. I guess that's why he's a 'Skins fan.

Go Bills!


Chef BoyarAndy said...

Such a shame. Maybe we should just film it anyway and send it to The Cooking Channel.

Colin said...

But what would we CALL the show????

Anonymous said...

Bargin Bites... Deal Meals... Why don't you start by posting a few of your choices..

Colin said...

Duh, we'd call it "Eat It, Miami."