Monday, May 21, 2012

Watch, Please!

The new season of Check, Please! begins tonight at 7:30 on WPBT2. If, somehow, you've never seen it, it's a show hosted by local chef and restaurateuse (that's gotta be the female version), Michelle Bernstein, in which she talks to three regular folks about their experiences at three different South Florida restaurants. Each guest goes to all three, so the viewer gets a range of opinions.

The season premiere features 3 firefighters. Chicks love those guys -

Friday, May 18, 2012

Eat It - Strip Steakhouse, 801 Brickell Bay Dr, Miami, FL (305)364-5384

Our experience at Strip Steakhouse reminded me of a scene from the Simpsons when Homer and Marge flew first class for the first time -

Stewardess - Sir, what would you like for dinner? A steak or 2 steaks?
Homer - Can I have both?

Since Chef BoyarAndy and I were there with an old friend who's moved out of town, it was a celebration of sorts and we decided to try several of the exotic meats on the menu. Hence, we ordered 4 steaks and three sides for the 3 of us -

Ostrich (good but not as good as kangaroo)
Venison (breaded, crispy and tender)
Kangaroo (all the female readers just went "awwww" and now hate us) - it was the unanimous winner
Bison Rib Eye (good but not as good as regular rib eye)

I thought all four were delicious. Our waiter recommended that we order them medium, since at Strip they cook things on the rare side. It was good advice. They were plenty rare at medium.

Sides -

Mashed Potatoes (covered in the usual baked potato accoutrements: sour cream, cheese, chives) *cough*throwsomebaconbitsontheretooplease
Creamed Corn (prepared kind of like cole slaw, so good)
Lobster Mac 'n Cheese (no description necessary)

Since that's not nearly enough for 3 grown men in the greatest country in the history of civilization and overindulgence, we got an order of s'mores for dessert as well as one bread pudding. ChefBoyarAndy had never had s'mores before. He grew up too fancy for them I guess since he usually flamb├ęs something when he eats dessert. Maybe they're a Northern thing and he never had them growin' up in Ca-lina. He really should have referred to them as "somes" I suppose...(grandfather humor right there). The s'mores were great, but all those ingredients just come out of a box. Fun to make at a restaurant anyway. The bread pudding had a decent amount of bourbon poured on it. Not sure that was necessary but it didn't hurt it. Not an amazing dessert or anything.

Strip is not the fanciest place in the world. It has the interior of something like a cross between a Steak 'n Shake and a strip club and the building that houses it, The Four Ambassadors, is pretty old but charming and "Old Florida." The waitresses are dressed like the cocktail girls at strip clubs. I mean, that's what Chef BoyarAndy told me anyway. I'm not that familiar with such establishments but he seemed to know a LOT about them. By the way, did you hear that a guy died while getting a lap dance recently? I'm sure it happened in Florida. Damn, it was in Texas.

They have those bustier tops that push their boobs up to their chins. Which is nice. We were discussing how funny it would be if they pretended it was a strip club but just didn't have any strippers. Like the DJ would announce "Brandy to the main stage." Maybe the residents of the building wouldn't be too crazy about that. Hey, take it up with Chef BoyarAndy!

Everyone is quite friendly at Strip, and we were delighted to see our pal Mark, the old manager from Chophouse, a place we initially thought was pretty bad, but grew to love. Mark is now managing Strip. You'll recognize him because he has a voice about as raspy as Harvey Fierstein (please watch entire video before resuming restaurant review)...

And we're back. Really the only problem with the meal was that for some reason they decided to test out the sound system at the end of our meal by blaring dancehall music. Um, we can vouch for its quality. It can go really, really, really loud.

Steaks are about 50 bucks, pretty standard. You'll probably spend $80-100 per person when you eat there. I'd check it out if I were you. 

Last note: parking sucks around Brickell Bay Drive now. They've taken away a lot of the street parking and everyone lives around there now. Best to save the time and just valet for like 7-10 bucks.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheap Bites Bites the Dust

Though I find the idea of a "celebrity chef" preposterous and annoying as hell, my friends and I were looking forward to watching Eddie Huang's "Cheap Bites."

We were even holding our collective breath that we could show him around town when visiting Miami after producers for the show contacted us. It makes sense, since we pride ourselves on eating at and going out to good, cheap places. They have more character and less obnoxious customers. Like, I'd much rather have a burger at Steak n Shake than at Shake Shack. We were contacted by producers for the show a couple of months ago to give some recommendations, as I'm sure other local food bloggers were.

Just found out today that the show's been cancelled, and that's too bad. He's a funny guy and has great tv presence and charisma. He also reminds me a little of my college roommate who's Korean, from Long Island, and has a law degree. Not the same, but kind of similar. Huang is Taiwanese and from DC originally but he talks like he's from NYC. I guess that's why he's a 'Skins fan.

Go Bills!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bargain Bite

I'm not sure if they like it to be written "Bargain Bite" or "bargain bite" or "BargainBite" but I just stumbled upon an email from them while looking for another email. It's tough, keeping up with that email. You know?

Anyone use bargainBITE before? Well, in January of 2011, they had a deal for $15 for $30 at El Gran Inka, which I hear is a pretty good place.

If you pay $15 for $30 worth of food, doesn't that just make the food worth $15? This whole coupon thing mystifies me. Like, if people pay X amount for something, isn't that the price? Isn't that what capitalism is? Sometimes I think I'm living on a different planet than everyone else. Sigh...