Friday, March 9, 2012

Eat It - Taqueria El Mexicano, 521 Southwest 8th Street, Miami, FL (305)858-1160

I have a feeling that people are gonna be all "you've never been to Taqueria El Mexicano before?!" Again. Look, I didn't grow up here. I used to come here like once a year to visit my grandparents when I was a little kid, then I spent more time when my parents moved here when I was at boarding school. And now I've lived here full time for like 6 years. So I'm catching up, alright people/mi gente?

We went there because my buddy Larry and I always eat tacos when we eat dinner together. We like to talk about music and politics and eat tacos. It's just our thing. It's pretty awesome.

Larry heard from someone that this place was good, but he didn't actually remember exactly what it was called or where exactly on Calle Ocho it was located, so we drove down 7th St (since 8th is one-way 'round those parts) until SW16th Ave before coming all the way back down Calle Ocho looking for the restaurant. It's only two blocks west of I-95, so no need to waste all of that gas. It's like $4 a gallon now, Larry! Good thing the place was so awesome.

Taqueria El Mexicano is a very casual dining experience. No table clothes or anything. Very "old fashioned downtown diner." You seat yourself and the waitresses come right over and take your order. The service was perfectly fine and our waitress was very friendly, but I could see the service getting slow on a really busy night. Though there was steady business last night, it was not packed.

We each got a bowl of pozole and a taco platter (3 for $7.50). So good! And cheap! That's what most reviews you read will say about this place. Like if you go on Yelp or one of those sites where people who are way less hilarious than we are give restaurant recommendations.

The food is just as good as Mercadito at about 1/4 the price. The tortillas are small and made of corn. The pozole is a little spicy and rich and flavored with tons of fat and has large hominy pieces. The tacos come in many varieties like cochinita pibil and al pastor. There are lots of other menu items that I'd like to try like their tortas and burritos and enchiladas. There will be many more opportunities because I intend to go back very soon. You can eat well for about 15 bucks at this place, even if you're a fairly big eater. That's a muy good deal and I highly recommend the place.


I'm going to post a couple of YouTube videos of two of my favorite Mexican songs now. Enjoy.


Chris M said...

Try the cochinita pibil tacos next time. Amazing.

Colin said...

Thanks Chris. Sure tried one last night and it was my favorite taco. Well, tied with the al pastor.

Anonymous said...

Colin next time go on the weekend. They make a very good lamb dish (cordero). They only make it on the weekends.