Friday, March 16, 2012

Eat It - Miami Beach Botanical Garden Food Truck Court

Just like last year, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, located here, is hosting a food truck court during its annual Garden Tour tomorrow, 3/17. This is a rare opportunity to sample some gourmet food prepared inside an automobile without driving over one of those terrible causeways that allow tourists and mainlanders onto our precious, precious tropical paradise.

This year's trucks are The Fish Box, Latin Burger, Sugar Yummy Mama, and my personal favorite, Gastropod. Glad that Cheeseme isn't there this year because last year when I volunteered at the event and finally had a few minutes to eat, I waited in their line for 15 minutes only to have some douchebag with an iPad tell me they were closing up and leaving an hour before the advertised time. Couldn't have told me that when I was at the end of the line? Seriously, screw that food truck. Whoever runs that business has no clue what he or she is doing. A couple of years ago they opened in the back of a nightclub with no license and now their Twitter account is no longer active. And I wrote a glowing review of that (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed restaurant! Who knows, maybe they got shut down again. Point is, they're not there. But Gastropod is! 

Also, you should get tickets and tour the gardens of the wealthy people who are kind enough to let a bunch of strangers trample their grass to raise money for the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. You probably didn't even know it existed but it's a great place. Very good for events like big parties and weddings and it was recently renovated by superstar landscape architect Raymond Jungles (he did that really cool block of Lincoln Rd next to the fancy parking garage). Read below for details (click on photos to enlarge them for easier reading).


Mrs. B said...

Colin, found your blog by accident but am very amused and informed. Think you need an employee to take pictures and help you eat. I know one who has a PhD and is looking for a job.

Colin said...

Glad you like it Mrs. B! I feel like Eddie Haskell. I've actually used Dr. B's photos in the past since he was always the one with the camera. And we have a good lead for him down here, don't you worry.

Unknown said...

Nice blog :),Also the Food Trucks at Miami Schedule for my favourite food fiesta is Out now ,So gearing up with family for some delicious junks this weekend.