Thursday, March 8, 2012

Eat It - Driade, 4141 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL (305)572-2901

Driade, the furniture store? Eat it? Colin, are you nuts? What am I, a termite?

I know you're not a termite, dude. Inside the Driade store, there's a restaurant called Fratelli Lyon. I guess they must be French-Italian, or something. Maybe their ancestors fled Italy when Mussolini was in power.

I had a lunch meeting there last week and was quite looking forward to dining there, since I've driven past the place (located in the Design District) about 1000 times on my way to visit my dearly departed grandmother, who lived for 6 years at the nearby Miami Jewish Home. She wasn't Jewish, but it's the best nursing home in the area, or so I am told.

I expected my fellow customers to be douchey hipsters and bratty trust fund babies who drive Range Rovers way too fast on side streets and wear their sunglasses all the time, but they seemed to be mostly business people. So I guess I was kind of disappointed and relieved by that at the same time. 

The service was quick and professional. We were seated immediately and waited on promptly and politely by a nice young Eastern European lady.

To drink, I had a Coke. They serve it in those little glass bottles. More expensive than fountain soda but it's way better out of the little bottle, of course. I'm pretty sure that everyone knows that.

Though the food was quite good, I found the prices a little high for such a casual dining experience. It really does feel as though you're eating in the middle of a furniture showroom and not in a restaurant. Almost like you're in a cafe at Bloomingdale's or something.

I ordered a delicious prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, lettuce and tomato sandwich on fresh toasty french bread (not on the online menu for some reason). It was excellent, though prosciutto is tough to eat in a sandwich. And I know that there's a chance I won't be able to take a bite without pulling out an entire slice of prosciutto, but I often order prosciutto in my sandwiches anyway. It's so chewy! The greens were French-style with a light and citrusy balsamic vinaigrette. Comes with a side of very good fries. The sandwich was around $14. Seems a bit expensive, doesn't it? Shouldn't it be like 8 bucks?

One thing I like to check when I intend to review a restaurant is the bathroom. If you need to use it, it's a rather important component of the enjoyment of the overall restaurant experience. And this one totally sucked. You walk around the corner to a back hallway and you feel like you're in that scene in Bad Boys when they're chasing the bad guys who just kidnapped Tea Leoni.

Amazing. That's the very clip I was looking for and it's the first one that came up when I searched for "Bad Boys Chase." The part I'm talking about starts around minute 2:20. Can you believe it's like that to get to the bathroom? I know, wild, right? Plus the door was propped open with a mop bucket and the fixtures look like they're made for a locker room from 1988. Not appropriate for a place that charges $14 for a sandwich, in my opinion.

That Bad Boys clip has so much great stuff in it, including a jogger who's wearing spandex that protrudes from his gym shorts like Andre Agassi used to do. Yes, somehow there's a photo of Andre Agassi Tebowing. The scene wraps up with a classic Michael Bay 360-degree camera shot of Will "Mike Looowery" Smith and Martin "Marcus Burnett" Lawrence after Mike saves Marcus from being run over by the bad guys. That's one of those movies you should really go back and watch if for nothing more than to see how much Miami has changed since 1995.

Try out Fratelli Lyon, even though the sandwiches cost $14. It's a cool venue in a trendy part of town and it's a lot more interesting than eating at Panera. I was just thinking that I probably shouldn't write that since I was recently invited to a Panera event and then went to look at the invitation and realized it was yesterday. That's too bad. Sorry I missed it. I'm pretty sure my Blackberry has failed me again on this one. And I actually like Panera, by the way, but you should try other things once in a while. Chains are great, but let's not eat at one every time we go out, ok?

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Chef BoyarAndy said...

I ate there when they first opened a few years ago during Miami Spice. Pan seared snapper with brown butter and capers...hellz yes.