Sunday, August 14, 2011

Don't Eat It - BF (Best Friends), 4770 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL (786)439-3999

I hate to kick a place while it's down, but it just isn't worth eating at Best Friends. The menu says "Since 1880," but there's no back story or "About" section of the website, which I find dubious. Even if you've been around since 1880 in New England, where stuff still stands that was built in the 1600s, though not a huuuge deal, it still merits an explanation.

For someone to put 1880 on a menu in Miami, when people were duking it out with Tequesta Indians (I assume), chopping down mangroves with machetes, and clearing land to build our precious, precious golf courses, and not to explain the history seems "wicked bizzah." That's a little New England speak. Maybe I'm on a kick since Keegan Bradley just won the PGA Championship and he's an outspoken New Englander.

Best Friends occupies the former Luna Cafe space on Biscayne, just outside the Design District. It's one of those cursed spaces, I think. Luna was never very busy, and I suspect that the rent is too damn high. The surrounding neighborhood is pretty crappy. Have you been to the nearby Publix? It's my least favorite in all of Miami. I fear somewhat for my safety when I go there. That can't be good for business. Not for Publix and not for whatever restaurateur has the cojones to open up in that stretch of Biscayne.

The food is just plain old wood oven pizza and decent Italian salads. It's got no gimmick whatsoever, and I think that's the name of the game in today's restaurant landscape. Even if your gimmick is that you're old fashioned and timeless. This place is blah. The menus look like they were printed at Kinko's and the decor is nice I assume only because the Luna Cafe, Carpaccio, Bella Luna guys made it so. I'd be interested to see what the original Best Friends in South Miami is like. I don't plan to make a trip to see in person, though.

This post made me sad.

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It's great if u have kids coz there is a playground outside