Thursday, May 12, 2011


I'm assuming a bunch of area food blogs have already done this, but I was off gallivanting around France with my girlfriend, which I bet those guys weren't doing, so there. I don't read anyone else's, so I have no idea. I do go back and read my old posts once in a while and laugh my ass off. I sure am funny, in my humble opinion.

Well, I have exciting stuff to share, dear readers., not to be confused with that lowly, which I hear gives your computer a nasty virus if you click on it (hee hee, kidding, lawyers!), wants me to come up with an awesome contest to win a free $25 gift certificate. I have 4 of them, so I guess that means we can have 4 winners.

(The local Miami site is here)

So, let's see. How about you write a haiku and if it's not terrible, I'll give you one. And if you're a female reader, including a photo would probably not be the worst idea in the world, you know, to give you that little push over the top into contest windom. If you don't know what a haiku is, don't even look it up. You already lost.



James Norton said...

Food, stupidity,
There is nothing wrong with me.
I hate Barton G.

Colin said...

A rhyming haiku, no less. Impressive.

Colin said...

James, I love you for writing one so quickly. Is this contest open to our own writers though? I suppose it's up to me, and since you haven't written a review since 1987, you're a WINNER!

RidiQlis said...

Bombastic review
My shoes are worth more than bars
Tomfoolery stops.

richie said...

peppers fell from grace
las almas assumed it's place
mexican yum yum

Colin said...

I'm going to see what else rolls in before awarding the final three certificates, but it's looking good for you guys.

Colin said...

RidiQlis, you do a mean Mirabella haiku.

Chef BoyarAndy said...

Feel the Heat Boston,
Lebron junk-punched your whole team.
Robert Parrish weeps.

Colin said...

Chef BoyarAndy, that was amAYzing.

Colin said...

YES! Comments are back finally. Thank you, Blogger engineer people. I'm sure it took many combinations of ones and zeros to make this possible. It is magic to me.

Colin said...

richie, you're a winner, too. Congratulations. This is probably the best day of your life. I'm going to let your grammatical error slide and attribute it to poetic license (should be its, not "it's").

Please send me your email address and I'll forward you the gift certificate code.

richie said...

good bbq!

guess i shoulda paid more attention in grammar school.