Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eat It - Chacarero, 101 Arch St., Boston, MA (617) 542-0392

I know, I know, this place is wicked fah from Miami, but I'm going there for a wedding this weekend and I'm excited to have an opportunity to eat the delicious sandwich these crazy Chileans concoct. Check out the description-
Green beans and munster cheese give it that "authentic Chilean touch?" I find that hard to believe but it's certainly delicious. If you're ever in Beantown, make sure you check out this sandwich.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tax Relief

I saw an ad in the New Times that McDonald's is bringing back its most awesome promotion ever, just in time for Tax Day -

On April 15th, buy a Big Mac or Quarter Pounder With Cheese, and get an additional one for 1 cent. I think we all know where Jeff Boden is eating lunch on Thursday...

In case you're one of "those people" who believes what they write on Wikipedia, here is a list of alternate versions of the classic American sandwich, many of which are totally awesome -


  • The Mega Mac or Double Big Mac - four 1.6 oz (45.4 g) beef patties and an extra slice of cheese. Available in China, Ireland, Serbia, Japan, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand (known as the Double Big Mac).[6] Discontinued in Australia and New Zealand; limited availability in the United States and Canada (where it is commonly marketed under the name Double Big Mac). It is still available in one restaurant in the United Kingdom, in Manchester.
  • Monster Mac - eight 1.6 oz (45.4 g) beef patties and extra cheese. Discontinued in Germany.
  • the Mckinley-Mac - made with two quarter pound patties. Named after Mt. McKinley in Alaska, and sold only in that state.[8][9][10][11] Also known as the Bigger Big Mac as a limited-time offer product to celebrate the 2006 FIFA World Cup.
  • In India, where the high Hindu population means that beef is not common, the Big Mac was renamed the Maharaja Mac and was originally made with lamb instead of beef; however, along with the company's other items it is now made from chicken.[12][13]
  • Son of Mac - Also known as the Mini Mac or Baby Mac, a version with only one patty and no centre roll piece. It sold as a Baby Mac in New Zealand, Was sold in Australia, now discontinued. Served by some stores in the United States under the moniker "Mac Jr".
  • In Israel, a special Kosher version of the Big Mac is served without cheese.
  • In Japan, there was a variant with egg, called the Mega Tamago, as well as a variant with tomato (called the Mega Tomato). Both versions dropped one patty and replaced it with the respective ingredient. Now discontinued.
  • In France there is a now a whole wheat bread version of the Big Mac. All other ingredients remain unchanged.
  • The MacSnack Wrap, introduced in the US in 2010, is one hamburger patty with the sandwich's other standard ingredients in a tortilla wrapper.