Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I know that Matt Drudge gets 5,000 visits every nanosecond, but I'm mildly excited to announce that whoever was looking for a review of Tokyo Bowl on Washington Ave is my 5,000th visitor. Apparently they've opened on South Beach somehow. The Yakuza is presumably providing the start-up yen.

Congratulations, bellsouth.net so-and-so. You win a lifetime free membership to Eat It, Miami, which is free.*

Please stay tuned for an actual restaurant review. I'm eating at a new place tonight and I'm hoping the experience is noteworthy. Sometimes there just isn't much interesting to write, so I don't bother. I guess I really should review every place that I eat, but hey, I'm kind of lazy.

*Please note that I am just being my usual hilarious self and that there is no actual prize. 94% of my college-educated friends have law degrees and several of them also have MBAs, so don't test my ability to obtain free counsel, which I would prefer not to obtain. I'm already expecting to be sued by a couple of places of which I tend to be quite critical. I'll give you a hint. One rhymes with Fart 'n Pee and the other with Gassy O'...whatever. You know about whom I speak.


SuperBee said...

Don't look over here for your free legal advice. I'm retarded. You should be looking towards a guy whose name rhymes with "Frystan Torrest."

Did you see what I did there? Clever, no?

Colin said...

Ha ha, well done, indeed.

Publius said...

Drudge fudges his numbers. True, he does get a lot of visitors, but his page views are a load of bullshit. Since page re-loads are automatic, each re-load counts as a view. If you are like me, you leave a Drudge tab open in your browser all day, so you can be the first to read the misquotes he calls headlines. This means that I generate over 240 page views a day, even though I only look at the site maybe once or twice (Re-load every 2 minutes x 8 hours a day). OK, sorry about the rant, I am going to go back and read the rest of your review.....

Randy E.

PS - Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

Colin said...

Thanks, Rand.