Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Eat It - Le Cafe Pop, 3425 Main Highway, Coconut Grove, FL (786)362-5901

Pop Goes the Weasel

Get Your French On At A Cool New Cafe In The Heart Of Coconut Grove, It's The One You've Been Waiting For

You are so cool.

We mean it. Plus, you'll probably come back and read us again because we make you feel like the macho, urban, successful dude that you are. We'll keep it short, unlike the python in your pants, because we all have ADD now.

Frog Legs.

That's what they used to call you in Navy SEALS training.

Now that you've moved to the Magic City and become a real estate agent/luxury t-shirt designer/model, you, your iPhone and your two girlfriends want to go have a menage-a-trois right in the center of Coconut Grove.

We mean at a French restaurant.

With food.

Remember how we called you "Frog Legs" before? Yeah, well, they have those at Le Cafe Pop. But these ones didn't parachute out of a fighter jet onto the beaches of Bahrain to take out Saddam's sons. Iraq. Whatever.

Do yourself a favor and order a crispy Croque Madame sandwich. It comes served with a side of salad and fries. Get your Pulp Fiction on and dunk those pommes frites in some freshly made mayonnaise. Drown 'em in that stuff. A Croque Madame is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with a fried egg on top.

We shudder to think what they put on a Croque Monsieur.


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