Thursday, November 19, 2009

Still E.A.T.

A reader comment this morning has inspired me to write a little jingle -

Eat It is the name, we ahead of our game
Still, writing it sassy, but stayin' classy
Still not loving Waxy's (Uh huh)
Still getting in our sardonic licks
Still got love for the streets, repping 786
Still got hunger pangs, still doing our thang
We ain't left, ain't too much changed, still

Representing for them customers across the world
Still eating them pizzas next to Lolo's store

Medium rare is the only way to cook your meat
And we still got love for the beach, it's the E-A-T [Repeat 2x]

Here's the comment -

Anonymous said...

waxy o'connors towed my car also while i was having lunch at the was before 6.00 pm and it clearly says everywhere "waxy's parking 8am -6 pm." bartender said 10 cars from costumers are been [sic] towed PER WEEK.i guess that's how they make their money since the bar is empty all the time.


Anonymous said...

great flow. too bad there's no way to add beats and lay down the track on your blackberry.

Colin said...

Word, Anonymous. Word.