Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eat It - David's Cafe II, 1654 Meridian Ave., Miami Beach, FL (305)672-8707


I've eaten at David's many times, but haven't yet given it a full review. I eat at the little walk-up window pretty regularly (every time I go to Buck 15). It's just off Lincoln Rd. I don't think I've ever been inside the one on Collins.

You really can't beat a couple of empanadas, a croqueta or three, and a medianoche at 4am. It's a good way to avoid a hangover, maybe. And even though they had a drive-by shooting there last year, it's usually pretty safe because of all the cops who go there. I wonder if they eat for free. That reminds me of how the Rhode Island state troopers often ate dinner at my boarding school's cafeteria. It was a good policy for the monks who didn't really obey traffic laws so well.

Anyway, some of my Mexican cousins are in town and we met them last night at the main sit-down restaurant (there's a little diner-looking portion on the northerly side of the building). We started with some mojitos. They make good ones there, though the mint was a little brown, which detracted from their enticement.

I ordered churrasco (skirt steak) and it came with the most delicious chimichurri sauce I've ever had. It was really citrusy. I ended up putting some on my rice and beans, it tasted so good. The portion of steak was underwhelming, especially considering the prices, which have gone up and are not accurate on the website, for your information. The website lists the churrasco at $17.95 and it's now around $21. I'm noticing, just as I did at Joe Allen, that menus have weird denominations now. Or did they always? The online menu shows an item that's $14.25. Do they think that diners don't just round up the numbers? I don't know, I guess I round down 14.25 to 14, but I definitely round 17.95 up to 18.

Over all, the menu seemed a little bit more expensive than it should have been, but they probably have to pay Craig Robins exhorbitant rent because of the proximity to Lincoln Rd. Cuban food is simple, and it shouldn't be expensive. The churrasco I was served could probably be bought, wholesale, for 4 or 5 bucks, so to couple that with some rice and beans and charge $21 seems like a rip-off. My aunt and uncle picked up the check, though, so maybe that's why it didn't affect my enjoyment of the meal.

The sides were all good, though David's is a greasy toston purveyor, as are many Cuban restaurants. The bread was unusually good. It was buttery and garlicy egg bread, the same kind used for making medianoches.

When I woke up this morning, I had a hangover of sorts. I realized that all that garlic was still with me and I was incredibly thirsty. I guess that's the price one pays to enjoy Cuban food.

Anyway, I like David's, but when I'm paying I prefer the window.

This post isn't very interesting or funny. I feel terrible about that. I think I'm going to post my Waxy O'Connor boycott now. That's a good read.

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