Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eat it - Thai House, 1137 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 305-531-4841

I don't think I had ever eaten Thai food in Miami before a recent meal. My lovely wife Sarah felt like some Pad Thai so we googled "Thai food" in Miami Beach and the reviews that popped up suggested Thai House. I really think that, by now, Blogger, which is owned by Google, should know that "to google" is a verb. The spell checker keeps underlining it.

We almost ordered two Pad Thais (Is that how Pad Thai is pluralized? It might be like RBI or Attorneys General. Maybe Pads Thai.), but instead decided to get one Pad Thai and some red curry with chicken and vegetables, all "para to go". It was delicious and both of us preferred it to the Pad Thai.

Thai House wasn't cheap. For two dishes and tip it was almost $40, just for delivery and no booze, but we got several meals out of it. That was pretty awesome.

I do highly recommend it. We'll have to dine in next time and let you know how it goes.

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SuperBee said...

Crikey, Sean. There were a lot of digressions there.

And you just like saying, "My wife."