Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eat It - Rancho Argentino, 1415 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 305-538-7205


We had a little birthday party at Rancho Argentino on Saturday night. Wow. The steak was fantastic. The skirt (churrasco) was the best I've ever had. I actually ordered red snapper because I'm weird and decided to have fish at an Argentine steakhouse. Seriously, that is weird, now that I really think about it. Anyway, the churrasco was 17 bucks for a huge one, and I think that's a pretty good deal. Some people at the table ordered that and others ordered the filet mignon (lomo). Two of the women ordered picana/cuadril. I don't know what that is and I didn't try it, so I can't really say how it was. They seemed to enjoy it and didn't go to the bathroom to throw up or anything. The service was so-so but I've never had good service when eating in a large group like that. There were 12 of us, I think.

Highlight: when I asked for orange soda to go with my Quilmes beer (Argentina's Budweiser, and I like Bud, so all you Argies take no offense), they actually had it. That's the first time I have been to a place with Quilmes that could fulfill my request. People really drank Quilmes like that when I lived in Buenos Aires, but that was '93-'94, so a lot may have changed since then. Maybe people don't like to put orange soda in their Quilmes, for example. Maybe they don't wear their motorcycle helmets on their elbows or have shootings at River-Boca matches. Maybe they drive in the lanes and pronounces "LL" correctly. Who knows?

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SuperBee said...

You should write a review about arguing about which sandwich is better: a Cuban or a Medianoche from David's at 3:00 a.m.

I think that would be a good blog post. And for the record, I didn't throw up my Cuban. I wanted to. But I didn't.