Friday, February 8, 2008

Eat It Alert!

So my brother is on his way back from the tailor in Surfside, and he says to himself, he says "I think I'll head over to Bianca's to grab a BBQ Steak Ciabatta". Upon arriving at our favorite Surfside sandwicherie, he is dismayed to find something called Piri Piri in its place. "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?" he says. He calls up his older brother, despondent. His brother reassures him that "there are other places that serve sandwiches". But he knows they're not the same. How could they be? A shadow of his former self, he manages the mile and a half drive back to the office and meekly presses the up arrow on the elevator. To the 4th floor. Lunchless.

Older brother looks up Bianca's number on Eat It, Miami. "What a great site", he thinks to himself. He calls the number, and when someone answers the phone "Piri Piri Cafe?", like he's asking a question, older brother (not big brother, since my little brother is bigger than I am) demands to know in plain language "No offense, but what happened to Bianca's?". The silence is deafening. From the other end of the phone, a pause, a deep breath....

"We're still here. We just changed our name."


Bianca's Gourmet Shop is now Piri Piri Cafe.

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SuperBee said...

That stray beer that was left on your night-table after the LegalArt Party a couple weeks ago -- THAT WAS ME! BWA-HA-HA-HA!

Kidding, C.

~ J