Monday, March 5, 2007

Eat It - Primarepa, 1570 Alton Rd. #2, Miami Beach, FL 305-532-9862

I asked my half-Colombian buddy, Diego, what he thought of Primarepa (a Colombian restaurant chain) and he said it was good. I decided to try it out with a friend before going to a movie on Lincoln Road, since there's one on the way from my apartment.

The service was quick and friendly and when I asked what the most popular dish was, the waitress told me "bandeja paisa", which consists of either ground beef or steak (I got the steak), red beans, rice, an arepa, fried plantains, some fatty pork, and a fried egg. Um, in case you need it spelled out, this is not a healthy place to eat. There wasn't anything in this dish that I would describe as exemplary in any way, but I enjoyed the novelty of my first Colombian meal. I would go there again. The food was ok and the service was good. I got a whole tray (that's what "bandeja" means) of food for $10.95, so that makes up for it. The restaurant has the feel of a fast food place, but it's clean. I also saw a lot of Latins eating there, so that's a pretty reliable indicator.

I think that Colombian food is probably not that good, all of these things considered. No offense, Diego.

Take a look for yourself at the Primarepa Menu posted on

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